About the Weekes Agency

Over the last 160+ years, the Weekes Agency has been owned by a variety of different people. Our agency was established in 1849 as the A. E. Norton Agency by Augustus Norton. After his passing in 1878, Byron J. Carpenter purchased the agency and renamed it B. J. and M. J. Carpenter Agency. In 1956, our name changed to the Foster Agency, and R. Joseph Weekes Sr. joined the team in 1969. He purchased the company in 1971 and changed the business name to the Foster-Weekes Agency.

Eventually, R. Joseph Weekes Jr. joined his father at the Foster-Weekes Agency and purchased the company in September of 1995 after his father had retired, and renamed the business to the Weekes Agency. Through the years and exchange of owners, Mr. Norton's vision is still alive today because we are still an agency of professional and caring people. The kind of people you can depend on.

Whether you're in need of home or auto insurance, our team will work one-on-one with you to find you the plan that works for you. Should you have any issues or need to make a claim, our team is always on hand to assist you. Call us at 315-287-0610 today!